Over DBC Verlading

My name is Theo de Baar, founder and owner of DBC Verlading BV

DBC Verlading BV was established in 1993. At the time I worked at a mechanization company and that went bankrupt. Partly because of this I had the necessary contacts with all kinds of companies in the region, including many farmers. That is where I went to take care of maintenance and repairs on location, especially on tractors and agricultural machines. Through an uncle who lived in Tanzania the question came whether I could help with shipping tractors and that is the basis for what DBC Verlading is doing now.

Shipping of other machines

We found out that there was not only a need for tractors but also for agricultural machinery and generators. Together with my brother Theo, we started to disassemble different machines and place them in containers for transport.

Pakistani and Vietnamese markets

In this way we worked for a few years, until we were discovered in 2004 by the Pakistani market. On the Pakistani market they were then interested in New Holland combines and they discovered that we were able to pack them efficiently and at a good price. We have been active on the Pakistani market for more than two years, until it was saturated.

After that, other markets turned to where there was also demand for other machines. For example, we shipped cranes or asphalt machines to Vietnam.


The next milestone for DBC Verloading was that we had our warehouses built in the year 2000, together with a washing place and a book for tilting the machines.

Together with my team of two permanent employees, one freelancer and two temporary workers, we now ensure that approximately 300 containers leave for all parts of the world each year. In these containers there are impressive machines that are carefully secured on their way to their destination.